Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tomato Disaster

Bad news folks. It's been really windy here since last night and the balcony has been taking a battering with gusts up to nearly 40mph:

The plants have been standing up to the wind really well up until now, but I'm afraid today one little guy didn't make it. 

It was snapped clean off - you can still see the stem in the growbag. I love how the sun went in just as I took this photo! So there was a rather hasty trip to Wilkinsons and now there's a new accessory on the balcony and two very relieved tomato plants. 

I've put the strawberries in there as well as they are not looking too happy and have also lost a few leaves to the wind. Very very luckily I have one spare tomato plant inside that I hadn't thrown away because I couldn't face it. And don't worry, the greenhouse is very well tied down!!

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