Friday, 20 May 2011

Ode to peas

In with my Poundland beans were some Early Onward peas. I was doing a bit of research on what to do with them, and I discovered some great pea-related facts:
1. Mendel basically discovered genetics by breeding peas
2. Peas used to be called pease
3. The oldest pea ever found was in Burma, and it was 3000 years old
4. Thick London smog was called pea-soup because it was slightly green in colour
5. On average everyone in Britain eats 9,000 peas a year (I am certainly not pulling my weight)
6. There is an etiquette to eating peas - you are supposed to squash them on the back of a fork. (This cannot be conducive to eating peas very quickly, but could be fun.)

I mainly have to thank for these amazing facts. The also had a great recipe for ham, cheese and pea muffins. Here's my current effort - rather tiny right now but growing really quickly.

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