Monday, 2 May 2011

Leggy Broccoli

Bless my little broccoli. I think they got the feeling they weren't quite they grew and grew and grew. They grew so fast, and with my lack of knowledge I didn't know to get them into the light quickly so they have turned out rather tall, which is apparently not a desirable trait in a broccoli. Still, they seem healthy, of all the things I have planted they are certainly the most enthusiastic and I love them for that. I've been researching it, and it seems that you can replant the seedlings deeper in the soil to fix the problem, so that's what I've done. Here's the before and after,
The long and the short of it

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  1. Oh, that's a good tip! Now you've taught me something ... Any seedlings that I start off indoors always get too leggy, even if I put them on a sunny windowsill - so now I know how to sort it! Thanks! (PS have just left you a comment on your post about growing beans on your balcony.)