Thursday, 26 May 2011


On a more positive note, I've got some great 3 part pots for herbs. I've filled my first one with chives, mint and what I hope is lemonbalm, all stolen (with permission) from Mum's garden. I've kept the mint in a separate pot as I heard it is prone to overtaking everything, although saying that I think lemonbalm is related to mint so maybe that should have had the same treatement....oh well we'll see!

I always loved lemonbalm in our garden at home, it's got such an amazing smell. I don't know what I can use it for but I can't wait till it gets big enough to smell nice. I'll try to find some nice recipies to use it in.

Mint is a classic....we are big fans of mojitos here so this was a have-to-have. It seems to have bedded in really well. It's such an amazing green colour.

And's hard to take a pretty picture of chives apart from the gorgeous flowers (especially when they are half eaten like ours), but let's remember it's not all about looking beautiful - you can't beat chives and mayo with your potato salad.


  1. Hi Rachel - Looking good! I grow herbs but very rarely use them - just occasionally (I just never think about it!). I have them outside for scent, for the most part. I do use my mint for mint sauce since in the US, you can't readily find any 'real' mint sauce (...even then you have to track down the malt vinegar to make it!).

    I have come across lemonbalm though I have never had any. Very 'lemony', isn't it?

    My chives come back every year. I use it in cooking when I remember. Did you know you can pluck the flowers and add the petals to stews and dishes too? I still have some in my fridge (I suppose they are 'past it now', but even so... they usually add a little 'something' to whatever you are preparing, in my experience.)

    Anyway - I do keep track of your blog entries... I just have so little time at the moment to comment on anything. Thought I'd drop a note in here though since I have five minutes before supper.

    Keep it up! It's all a great learning experience! Hope your tomatoes are recovering. Yours had wind problems, mine had hail problems. There's always something!...


  2. Hey, been away for a while so this is late.
    But yes lemon balm is most definitely related to mint, it is spreading more in my garden than the mint is!

    Have you found any recipes to use it in as I am struggling with this at the moment.