Wednesday, 20 April 2011

There's life, Jim!

You won't guess what's happened. Well, actually you probably will - but my broccoli has started coming up - there's actual plants growing! Half of my seed tray is full of tiny green and white shoots. It started yesterday, and there was only a few, but now most of the tray has one or two little plants coming up. I feel really proud!!

However, the tomato side of the tray is doing nothing at all. Should tomatoes take longer? I'm seeing a slight flaw in my plan of planting two different vegetables in the same tray. So I've put the broccoli side out in the light and covered the tomato side with a folder to keep it dark.

I have taken to checking the tomato side of my tray morning, noon and night for any sign of life. I'm speaking encouraging words to it, and trying to start a little friendly competition among vegetables. Here are the little broccolis (or is the plural of broccoli just broccoli?) in all their tiny glory. I'm chuffed.
Aren't they splendid?!

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  1. Hi Rachel, thanks so much for leaving a comment for me on my blog. Well done on the seedlings, they can be fussy little blighters can't they?! Tomatoes like lots of warmth to germinate, I would put them on a sunny windowsill and keep the compost nice and moist. Good luck, I will pop in and see how you're getting on from time to time.