Sunday, 17 April 2011

Choices, choices

Well then. I've been down to Focus and got myself a few bits of kit, so I think I'm ready to get started. I've got some seed trays and lids, some compost and a sprayer. I've got the following seeds I've been collecting from random places over the last year or so:

Chinese Broccoli
Normal Broccoli
Runner Beans
Mixed Salad & Rocket
Salad Onions
Hot Yellow Peppers
Sweet Thai Basil

So where to start?! I was thinking peppers, but my book doesn't even mention those so that's a non starter. Paul says that you are supposed to plant onions on Christmas Day. Right. Will remember that next year. Apparently you should plant salad where you want to keep it as it's difficult to move, and I don't have any pots yet. Beans sound difficult - I think I am going to need some canes or something for them to grow on. Tomatoes are popular and surely quite easy - I think I'll start with those, and I will do the normal broccoli to add some variety, and because I don't know what Chinese broccoli is. Paul says that broccoli should have been planted in December, but never mind, the packet says April to June so I'll go with that. Here's my kit:

Ready, steady, plant

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  1. Why not get a nice compact pea plant or some strawberries? Both do well in pots and are nicer than shop bought varieties.