Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Gin Deck

There's a slight issue with the Grand Plan which is that I don't actually have a garden, or an allotment, or even any grass. Our flat has a balcony, which luckily is a reasonable size and gets the sun for a lot of the day. So this is where my masterpiece (or Greek tragedy) will be played out. There's nothing out there except 4 chairs which were here when we moved in. We've not used it yet as we moved in in January - the only exciting thing to ever happen on the balcony was that once I came home and found a dead pigeon on it. (I say exciting, actually was quite terrifying. My b/f rescued me by pushing it over the edge with one of the chairs.) But anyway, I digress. The balcony - it's quite boring. Here's some photos:
Scene of pigeon homicide
Soon to be full of plants (fingers crossed)
We're also quite high up - we're on the 7th floor. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Possible upsides: no danger to plants from foxes, rabbits or slugs (I don't think slugs can climb, can they?) Possible downsides: my bumper crop of strawberries will be extra tempting to passing birds and window cleaners, and it's quite windy up here sometimes. I'll have to be careful that things don't blow away. Also, pigeons die here sometimes, hopefully not often.

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