Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sixteen Beans

Inspired by the success of my broccoli, I have decided to plant the runner beans. Although not "plant" in the traditional sense, but in the lay-gently-on-a-wet-bed-of-kitchen-towel-in-tuppaware-and-put-on-the-windowsill sense. This isn't bean related madness, apparently it stops the seeds from rotting before they germinate and I found the method at gardenhive.

Usually people plant beans to grow up canes or poles, but only having a balcony I am slightly restricted. I had an idea to put netting up on the glass around our balcony for it to grow up, but do beans need to grow to a certain height? Our glass is not much over a meter high. If anyone knows about beans (mine are the red rum variety) or has any bean growing gadgets suitable for a windy balcony I would love to hear about them.

There's got to be a witty comment in there somwhere...
Also, my tomato seeds have started coming up. Phew!

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone.


  1. First time I've had a comment box actually appear on your posts! I've wanted to comment on some of your previous postings.

    Anyway... I think what you're doing is great! Without a garden, you have some issues that some of us never have to contemplate.

    I don't really know what I'm doing either but I have had some great successes. I'd just suggest you keep doing what you're doing and enjoy what you can. You win some, you lose some. It's all good!

    I wish you every success with your growing efforts. Learn from them and keep it going! :)


  2. Rachel, your beans will grow to be about 6 - 8 feet tall so I'd try and rig up some kind of trellis or, if you've got a spare bit of wall on your balcony, run some vertical strings between masonry nails for them to grow up. Try growing them in a tomato grow bag - I had more beans than I could eat from 6 plants last year!

  3. Thanks! I have gone with netting and a grow bag - fingers crossed!