Sunday, 17 April 2011

Planting begins!

Exciting news - I've planted my broccoli and tomatoes. I compacted some soil in the bottom of the trays, followed by some slightly less compact soil, gave all the pots a good soaking and put two seeds in each tray. Well, approximately two - it's quite frustrating with wet muddy hands to get the tiny seeds to go where you want. The first ones are very neat but towards the end there may have been a few missing or extra seeds per pot. Never mind, we're all friends here.

The tomatoes wanted to be covered with 6mm of soil and the broccoli with 10mm. Fussy much? I had no idea how much that was so each has a sprinkling of compost on top, with slightly more on the broccoli. I gave that a slight push down and another spray, hopefully that was right.

Strangely, I felt really bad about losing any seeds. Each one has so much potential, it's a whole plant in there waiting to get out. I hope I don't become too emotionally attached to my plants. Apparently you grow two in each pot and only keep the stronger plant, so if all these little seeds make the effort to grow, I then have to kill half of them?! This could be tricky.

My trays are currently sitting in a dark-ish place, they want a constant temperature, and once leaves start to show then I should put them in the light. They won't need any more water for a while. Fingers crossed everyone. What on earth I will do with 40 broccoli plants and 40 tomato plants if they all grow I have no idea.

I forgot to buy any of those writing-on-in-your-best-handwriting labels what you just planted. But it's ok, I'm 90% sure which side is tomatoes and which side is broccoli. So now we wait :) I'll keep you posted...

They're in there somewhere


  1. Hello Rachel, just wanted to pop in and introduce myself! I'm Caro, also a London gardener and love that you're giving gardening a go. I'm impressed if you've got Morrisons herbs to live - mine die quite quickly (apart from Basil) because supermarket herbs die off as the seeds have no room to grow in the pot! I grow mine outdoors on the balcony and in my herb bed and they do well out there. BTW, wooden coffee stirrers from any high street coffee shop work well as plant markers. But, sssshhhh...! (Also look out for Sainsbury's end of summer sales, bamboo markers went for 49p a pack last year.) Good luck with it all, I'll be keeping up with your progress! Caro x

  2. Me again, meant to say that I found you via Gillian's My Tiny Plot. Do you know about the UK Veg Gardeners site she created? It's a great community of gardeners - a bit like having a chat over the garden fence. Caro x