Sunday, 17 April 2011


I've been tempted to grow some things for a while, and here's some of the reasons why.
I lived in a shared house in London that had the most amazing magic garden. It had mint and lavender growing everywhere, apples hanging over from a neighbour's tree and grapes growing along the fence. Grapes! I thought they only grew in hot places. The best thing about this garden was that no-one looked after it, watered it, pruned it (apart from gathering of mint to make mojitos...) or did anything to it, but it grew things, all by itself. I have a photo actually:
The Secret Garden
(That's taken with the hipstamatic app on the iPhone - makes any photo look retro and amazing. Definitely recommend it.) So Clapham showed me that things can grow in small spaces and they don't need much looking after.

Patio Produce
I got this book from Amazon called Patio Produce by Paul Peacock, and I really recommend it. It's a great guide to growing things in small spaces. It's given me lots of tips and inspiration. There's sections on what you need, how to get started, and help on loads of specific plants.
Take a leaf out of his book
So Paul, my new teacher of all things green and spatially challenged, thanks for writing a really awesome book and I look forward to working with you.

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