Friday, 17 June 2011

Unhappy campers

My strawberries are not happy. And I am not happy with them. I was wondering why they were producing lots of new leaves but no flowers, so I did some googling, and it appears that strawberries don't produce any fruit in the first year, which is a shame. I am recovering from this disappointment but I don't think the strawberries are. All the older leaves are brown / purple, dry and curling up, and the newer leaves are covered in some sort of white dust. The plants are producing lots of new lovely green leaves, but after a while they all turn like this. Does anyone know what's going on? Are they doomed?

And the broccoli (which I admit was planted without really thinking about what it needed & where it would go) is not happy either. The bottom leaves are drying out and dying, the whole thing has a rather unhealthy hue, although I suppose that this might be normal. They haven't grown much at all. To be honest I am tempted to throw them out. If anyone would like to make an argument on behalf of the broccoli, please do, or else it will be the big compost heap in the sky for them!

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