Monday, 20 June 2011

Lemonbalm & Heartsease

Well I'm not sure what this plant is, but it sure isn't Lemonbalm. I think Mum has just given me a weed! Does anyone recognise it? I'm intriugued as to what is is though, if it is useful or pretty. It's certainly healthy. Does anyone know?


However, we were at Gardeners World this weekend and I have managed to get a REAL lemonbalm plant. I was really happy when I found it - I have no idea how common it is. It smells so fantastic. Here is is settling into it's new home.

I also bought this - Heartsease (Viola Tricolore). I'm so excited about this because you can eat the petals. I'm not usually a flower person but you may have noticed I like any plant which is useful! I had it once in a salad and I have been on the look out for it ever since, but not known what it was called. It's a herb and you can eat the leaves and the petals. They don't taste of anything but they look very pretty. You can also candy the petals to use them as decoration on desserts. Isn't it gorgeous? I will let you know what I use it for!

Gardeners World / Good Food show was so much fun. I recommend it, it's a great day out. We had some amazing food and saw some beautiful flowers. There was a great stall where people were giving advice, so I asked about my strawberries and apparently it is powdery mildew - I have chopped off most of the leaves and I'll see what that does, else you can get a spray for it. Poor things are looking very bald. I also ditched the broccoli, there isn't room or time for it. Everything else is growing like crazy though!

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