Sunday, 5 June 2011

First flowers

There's the very beginnings of some flowers on a lot of my plants, I think over the next week or so I'm going to bore you with lots of pretty pictures. My tomatoes are about 50cm high, and they have started making some buds:

My beans kept growing and growing even past the netting and into the sky. The first one I chopped down is ahead of the rest - it really has put it's energy into the lower leaves. Look what I spotted today:

The top of the chilli plants are looking promising:

And here's the best for last, my first proper flower on the jalapeno plant :)


  1. Thrilling times, Rachel! And I'll be looking forward to seeing your photos over the next few weeks - getting excited when things grow well is something we're all guilty of! Caro x

  2. Loved the post, really nice pictures too, you've got some great stuff going on there! Wish you well with everything x