Wednesday, 15 June 2011

More flowers and other happenings

There are some amazing things happening on my balcony. Here's a couple more flowers you haven't seen yet...

Runner Beans



Look at my pea plants - I find this incredible. It's reaching out to grab onto anything it can, and it's growing up the net nicely. Things like this always brings me back to the question "how do they know how to do this?" I am really enjoying seeing this stuff happen on a daily basis.

This is the most exciting news though, there are real, actual, proper chillies and tomatoes growing. Look!

Note to self: stop taking so many close up photos on new camera, remember to get the bigger picture too!


  1. don't get rid of the close-ups altogether though - it's so satisfying to see so much growth! I love following your progress, as I'm going through much of the same in my garden too. As a first time gardener it's very exciting :)

  2. Definitely don't get rid of the close ups, they're really good. Amazing what you can do with a balcony. Absolutely brilliant! Lesley x