Saturday, 16 July 2011

Holiday time & blogging milestones

Uh oh - next week I am away for 3 days of cheese, wine and general tourist fun in Paris. I wouldn't usually be so worried, but then I don't usually have so many plants that require daily watering. What do veg growers, especially container growers, do when they go on holiday?

I could pray for rain, and my outside plants would probably be ok. But the plants inside, especially the chillies which are really thirsty, would probably die.

Plan A - ask a friendly neighbour to water my plants and ply them with macaroons and bottles of wine.

Plan B - soak the plants before I leave and invent some kind of Blue Peter style slow watering device, possibly involving a drinks bottle, duct tape and whatever else is around the house.

Let's hope the neighbours are around!


In other news, I'm really happy as I have just checked my stats and this blog has just reached 1000 views! That's incredible. Thanks to everyone who has come to visit.


I couldn't possibly post an entry without a photo in it. Here is a photo of my tomatoes looking amazing, but still an unapetizing shade of green. How long until they will be red? I'm so impatient! Perhaps when I come back from my holiday they'll be a more edible colour.


  1. Rachel, those tomatoes look great, be patient, it'll be worth it. Have fun in Paris, lucky you. Lesley x

  2. Hehe I was away from blog land for too long so this will be too late for this holiday now but if you fill a bottle with water and then turn it upside down and shove it into the soil enough for it to make a seal then it will slowly release its water over time.
    You need to make sure that just after you put the bottle in there are no bubbles coming up otherwise it will empty its contents there and then.

    Hope this helps a bit for next time :D

    ps loving the tomatoes I have one out so far :( but a number of flowers now which is good. fingers crossed for some lovely tomatoey goodness soon