Saturday, 2 July 2011

Chilli testing

Before I get onto the chillies, just look at this picture. What IS this???!!! 

I would love if I could just have a few bees visit my balcony. I am not asking for bluetits and bunny rabbits. And what do I get? Dead pigeons, earwigs and some kind of hornet-beetle hybrid designed purely to scare the living daylights out of me.

On to happier things. Look what's growing!

Tiny baby runner beans! It's so exciting!

We also plucked up the courage to try the chillies tonight. You can eat them at any point - I mainly want to wait until the fruits are red as then they have a slightly sweeter taste. Before this, when they are very dark green they are at their hottest. I had a glass of cold white wine on hand for emergencies!

Would you be scared yet?
You've probably gathered that I'm a complete wimp with spicy things so recruited my other half to try them first, although I have to take his descriptions with a pinch of salt - what he calls "warm" would probably leave me with no taste buds for 3 days. We started with the anaheim and it was actually edible - the skin was hardly hot at all, the seeds were hot but not unbearably so. Then the jalapeno - now that really was hot. Even the b/f thought so and we classed it as too hot for tonight's Thai green curry. The anaheim made the cut though!

Hopefully I can improve my tolerance for chillies this summer!

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  1. Hi Rachel, you have proved that you don't need an acre to grow your own. Well done on trying the chilli, would have been too hot for me too. That dead wee beastie looks like a May bug but it's a bit late in the year for that really, certainly some sort of beetle I think. It's not a hornet, hornets don't look that nice!!! Lesley x