Friday, 30 September 2011

Plant Kit Update

Remeber back in June my friend bought me a sunflower and a chilli plant kit? Here's an update on how they are getting on.


They are so happy! I either have a knack for chillies or they are super easy to grow. Probably the latter.

You can even see the little chillies starting to grow. I'm so pleased with these.


I'm so embarrased about these :/ They didn't survive a weekend we spent away at a festival and have been looking rather grey and ill since then. I hoped they might come back to life but they're getting worse. 

Luckily I didn't plant all the seeds in the kit so I have a second chance to redeem myself.

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  1. I have the worst luck with chillies! In the past I've managed a mini plant which flowered, then the chillies fell off! I think they need lots of warmth and sunshine which is a bit hit and miss in my outdoor garden or balcony. So I'd say chillies = hard; sunflowers = easy! Next year try dwarf multi-headed sunflowers like Little Leo or Little Dorrit in a grow bag or container at least 30 cm wide and deep - the rootball needs a bit of space to grow well. Caro x