Thursday, 8 September 2011

It was all going so well...

Blight [noun]
1. any cause of impairment, destruction, ruin or frustration
2. (in plant pathology) the rapid and extensive discolouration, wilting and death of plant tissues
Yes it's finally happened....I thought I was holding it back but the wet weather the last few days seems to have done it's worst. I went out yesterday to find lots of unappetising tomatoes:
I can't get this photo to go the right way up, sorry!
I definitely agree with the description that this is rapid. There wasn't any sign of it 3 days ago except on the leaves. It is mainly just this branch at the moment so I have thrown these away, but it can only be a matter of time for the rest. The plan is to save what I can, use the red ones to make chutney and try to ripen the green ones indoors. Ah well, this is what comes of living in a country with changeable weather and not having a greenhouse. I've done pretty well with these so far so I am not too upset - we have already had quite a lot of tomatoes from these plants this year. I feel lucky that it didn't happen a month ago.
I've found a lovely chutney recipe on BBC Good Food, autumn tomato chutney. I'm going to try to make this at the weekend if I can pick up some jars from Hobbycraft.

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  1. :0(

    Looking at the other blog posts, it looks like you got a decent amount of tomatoes before blight struck!

    Keep up the good work!